7 Best Solar Panels in Phoenix For Homeowners

The excessive burning of fossil fuels and CO2 emissions have impacted the environment negatively.  This is high time to switch to clean and renewable energy in order to slow down the process. More homeowners are switching to solar power in Phoenix to reduce their carbon footprint. The increase in demand has created healthy competition among solar panel manufacturers. But before you go solar,  you need to know about the best solar panels in Phoenix for homeowners.

What is a solar panel?

Solar Panels are devices that are used to convert the sun’s energy into electrical energy. The typical solar panel is made up of silicons, borons, and phosphorus. When the sun rays strike the panels, a direct current is produced from the interaction between sunlight and the electrons it sets into motion.

How Can You Identify the Best Solar Panels

“How can I identify the best solar panel for my house?” –  This is a very popular question. The best solar panel can be identified based on its efficiency, durability, warranty, price, and temperature coefficient. It is hard to find a solar panel that ticks all the boxes. Some panels are highly efficient, while others have unparalleled durability and are more sustainably produced. So, you have to prioritize features that you deem to be non-negotiable in a solar panel while making a decision.

7 best solar panels in Phoenix

Phoenix is known for its warm temperatures and year-round sunshine, so solar energy is definitely a no-brainer for homeowners in Phoenix. Here are the 7 best solar panels available near you:

1. SunPower

SunPower is one of the most efficient solar power panel manufacturers in Phoenix and offers 4 different series of solar panels – the A series, the X series, the E series, and the P series. Each of these comes with different efficiency, ranging from 19% to 22.7%. SunPower uses an N-type IBC cell that helps make their panels efficient, and the company also offers a product warranty of 25 years. The X series is best for homes and provides 44% more power per panel. As a result, you can save money and space by generating more power with fewer panels.

Over the first 25 years, these panels convert 75% more sunshine into electricity per square foot, and since the X-Series solar panels harness more electricity from a much smaller area, you can easily increase energy production by adding more panels later if your power needs increase. These panels carry a subtle appearance since they are designed to blend right into your roof and the all-black exterior will definitely complement the design of any home.

2. Panasonic

Panasonic is increasingly becoming a popular choice among solar installers in the United States. The effectiveness of your Panasonic solar panels will be determined by the model you select for your system. While most solar panels have an efficiency between 14 to 18 percent, Panasonic panels can have an efficiency between 19.1 to 21.2 percent.

Panasonic’s HIT technology is responsible for the high solar panel efficiency and low-temperature coefficient of their products, both of which result in increased electricity generation. To reduce power loss, HIT panels combine monocrystalline and ultra-thin amorphous silicon layers. Panasonic also offers a 25-year warranty on all its solar panels, and a 6 kW system would cost you between $14,400 and $18,120.

3. Solaria

Solaria is among the solar panel industry’s emerging stars. The firm manufactures its all-black, high-efficiency solar panels in the States. The PowerXT solar panels from Solaria are an excellent choice for homeowners looking for high-quality panels for their solar installation. Solaria’s panels have efficiency ratings ranging between 19.4% and 20.5%. The temperature coefficient rating of all Solaria solar panels is -0.39%/°C. A 6 kW system would cost you between $14,640 to $19,680.

4. Siflab

Silfab was founded in 2010 and is one of the leading solar panel manufacturers in North America. Their SIL NL series of all-black panels are extremely energy-efficient, power-dense and come with an unbeatable 30-year warranty. Silfab’s panels have an efficiency rating ranging from 17.6% to 21.4%.

5. REC

REC offers a variety of solar panel series for residential and commercial applications, with a new emphasis on the high-powered Alpha and Alpha Black series for homeowners, namely, Twinpeak 2, Twinpeak 2 Mono, N-Peak, N-Peak Black, Alpha, and Alpha Black. The efficiency rating of REC’s panels ranges from 16.5% to 21.9% and the temperature coefficients of REC solar panels range from -0.37 to -0.26. A 6 kW system would cost between $14,160 and $18,960.

6. LG

The NeON series of panels, including the NeON 2 and NeON R versions, are the frontrunners of LG’s product range. The LG NeON R-ACe series, which is a high-powered smart module with an integrated microinverter, is particularly interesting.

LG panels have an efficiency of around 18.4% on the low end, and premium LG solar photovoltaic panels have an efficiency of up to 22.1%. The temperature coefficient values of LG solar panels are above average, ranging from -0.40 to -0.29 %/° C. A 6 kW system would cost you between $14,220 and $18,780.

7. Jinko Solar

Jinko Solar’s portfolio in America is dominated by the Eagle series of panels, which includes the Eagle G2, Eagle G3, and Eagle G4. Jinko Solar’s panels feature efficiency ratings ranging from 18.67 to 21.33% and have temperature coefficients ranging from -0.39 to -0.35. A 6 kW system would cost between $14,280 and $19,200.

Summing Up

Several solar panel companies are fighting for the attention of homeowners today. While deciding which panels to buy, make sure to read the fine prints, the technical specifications of the panel, the support offered by the manufacturing company, and the cost-efficiency of the panel.

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