Residential Solar Proposal

Solar Proposal Graphic

Get a free solar proposal today. At Avvio Solar, we provide free property inspections to homeowners throughout Southwestern U.S., California, and Idaho. These inspections help determine whether installing photovoltaic (PV) panels could help you generate substantial savings on your monthly utility bills.

After carefully analyzing your home, we craft detailed solar proposals that outline all the steps involved with the design, permitting, and installation processes.

If you’re also thinking about going solar, it’s critical that you understand the various components in your proposal before moving forward. Below is a brief overview of our process at Avvio Solar — complete with a breakdown of the most important factors that you should consider as you make the decision.

What Should a Residential Solar Proposal Include?

Because every municipality and state follows slightly different regulatory guidelines, there exist small variations between the type of solar proposal a homeowner in Utah might receive versus one in Arizona. However, below are some of the most important contract terms you should expect to see in any standard solar system proposal (including those we offer to our customers):

  • Generating capacity of the PV system: This tells you how much clean electricity your solar installation will be able to produce given its size, location, and orientation.
  • Amount of electricity generated: Look for monthly, annual, and even lifetime calculations. This can help you determine how much money you could save based on local utility rates and your energy consumption habits.
  • Total cost: This should include costs to install the system, including hardware, workmanship, grid connections, permitting, sales taxes, and warranties. This section should also include a detailed breakdown of financing and incentives.

We use this information to calculate the payback period, return on investment (ROI), and total carbon offsets of your installation. These details allow you to decide for yourself whether going solar makes sense — financially and environmentally.

Ready to Go Solar Today?

Solar is never a one-size-fits-all solution. This is why we custom-design every PV system from the ground up based on each home’s unique solar power generation potential. Moreover, our team of experts can guide you through the entire installation process to ensure that your PV system delivers the savings and benefits outlined in your detailed solar project proposal.

To get started, request a free property inspection and solar quote from us today.