Solar Panel Installation


Solar Panel Installation For Residential Systems

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A well-installed solar panel installation for residential properties can last for decades — delivering utility bill savings and carbon offsets for the next 25+ years. By contrast, a poorly installed photovoltaic (PV) system could saddle you with costly repairs and lost savings over that same period.

As such, it pays to hire experienced professionals who use high-quality solar components. Equally important, your installation team should be local since regulations, climate, and geography change from one region to another.

This explains why homeowners throughout Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma, Utah, New Mexico, California, Idaho, and Colorado consistently choose Avvio Solar when they’re ready to install PV panels on their roofs.

What Our Solar Panel Installation Services Entail

Although many PV contractors outsource different aspects of the job to third parties, our comprehensive solar installation services are entirely in-house. This means that our expert residential solar installer engineers handle every component of the process, including:

  • The initial consultation, in which we carefully analyze your home’s solar potential — plus your historic and projected energy needs. Note that all property inspections are 100% free when you request a solar quote from us.
  • A detailed, written solar proposal in which we outline all the costs, savings, ROIs, and payback periods associated with your PV system.
  • Designing your residential solar panel installation from the ground up — based on your savings goals and home’s unique orientation.
  • All the paperwork associated with solar permits, utility approvals, incentive programs, financing, and municipal inspections.

Of course, there’s the actual installation itself, which involves extensive testing and refining before bringing your PV system online and connecting it to the utility grid.

Trust Avvio Solar

Solar installation licensing isn’t required in many states. In fact, there are DIY PV kits that you can install yourself. However, if your goal is to maximize your financial and environmental savings over the next 25+ years, partnering with a local, experienced, and knowledgeable solar energy installer is the single best way to maximize these benefits over the multi-decade lifetime of your clean power investment.

To discover why Avvio Solar is the residential installer of choice throughout our expansive service area, request a free property inspection from our expert engineering team today.