Solar Permit Services

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Learn more about getting a solar permit. In most jurisdictions, homeowners who install photovoltaic (PV) panels on their roofs must apply for permission from city or state authorities.

Although these approvals are designed for safety, many homeowners discover that navigating local solar permitting requirements can be daunting, especially given all the technical details involved. Even one tiny mistake in your paperwork can delay the process for months — leading to forfeited savings.

At Avvio Solar, we offer solar permit services where we handle all the work involved with acquiring the proper approvals — whether this means applying for solar, electrical, or construction permits.

Our Solar Permit Services

With extensive experience in helping homeowners go solar, our team of energy experts understands how to prepare all the necessary permitting documentation — including the size, scope, location, and output of your solar PV installation. Moreover, we have the in-house expertise to expedite the process whenever possible.

Because permitting requirements vary by location, you must choose an installer familiar with your specific region. At Avvio Solar, for example, we have locations throughout Arizona, Texas, and Oklahoma. We also regularly service solar customers in Southwestern U.S., California, and Idaho — with more states to come. Regional expertise is also helpful since inspections, utility approvals, and solar radiation also vary by location.

If you want the smoothest installation process (and the highest savings) possible, it pays to work with local installers who understand the terrain.

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Ready to Go Solar Today?

A solar permit is just one component of the more extensive solar installation process. At Avvio Solar, we custom design and install every PV system from the ground up to ensure you maximize your utility bill savings and minimize your carbon footprint.

If you live in Southwestern U.S., Idaho, or California and want to find out more about our solar permit services and learn how to extract the most value from your solar installation, schedule a free consultation with our energy experts today.