At SkyPower we believe having universal access to clean, renewable energy is a basic human right. In everything we do we innovate to power a sustainable world that benefits the environment, the economy and human society.

How to Run a Deal

1. Create a Proposal on EverBright

2. Go to OWE and do a Financing Prospect​

3. Fill out the submission form as the next step

4. Schedule a Site Survey

5. Submit the deal to OneStop

Information about Installer

What Panels they use?

Q Cell 395 Watt (Q.PEAK DUO BLK ML-G10.a+ 385-405)

What Inverter they use?

Enphase I Q8+

Finance Companies

  • Goodleap
  • Sunnova
  • Sunlight
  • Service Finance
  • Concert

Roof Warranty:

25 years

OWE Adder List

What is needed for perfect packet/ Submit to Onestop

  • Loan ID
  • Purchase Contract/Deal Submission
  • Finance Company
  • Utility Bill
  • Design
  • Who is doing site survey
  • System size KW
  • PPW


Contact: (253) 948-4951